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My two cents on the current CX situation – Part 2/2

As you may have noticed, I enjoy a bit of suspense like the Portuguese enjoy their café; a little dose every now and then.

So, to pick off where we left, the CX future may look gloomy thanks to our current and recent turbulent events; it's something that will hurt the consumer at the beginning, but in the end, we will all find ourselves, on the other side, in a better place, and in a much better financial condition.

This is known as a Market Correction, and what it does, is it tends to "clean out" the more inept companies or brands that cannot hold their financial ground nor keep their customers loyally engaged and returning despite the difficult times.

More than ever, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction will be challenged, and the winners will inadvertently be chosen, and these will not only survive, they will also thrive.

So what can you do? Let's go back to my opening in Part 1, where I mentioned the importance of looking back into our past decisions.

We must be able to question the choices made, measure their outcomes, and make the much-needed changes, and not sit around waiting to see if our solution, for some miraculous reason, will start to work all of a sudden.

We're entering a challenging period, where there will be no more chances to fail, or if you do need to fail, you must fail fast.

  1. If your organization or brand is still sitting on top of multiple data silos, and you are not all seeing the same customer data, then fix it!

  2. If you're still telling your customers to call your call center whenever they have a complaint or problem with your product, and your call center is not sitting on top of all your customer data, then fix it!

  3. If your customers try reaching out to your brand on WhatsApp or other social media channels and the best you can do for them is send them a message asking them to contact your customer support over a phone line or e-mail, then fix it!

  4. If you lack true customer stories shared with your brand, where they tell you what it is about your brand that keeps them excited or makes them truly mad, then fix it!

Here are a few suggestions of what you could try doing:

If you're collecting customer data signals from your e-commerce, or other digital brand presences, make sure that this data tells you the same story your customer support and customer success records portray. If these don't seem aligned, then you have a problem with perception, and your primary concern should be to focus on requalifying and resampling the data points you are collecting. Let your customer support stories tell you where to look deeper and seek improvement.

Suppose you feel that the data you have regarding customer support and success seem only to hold customer complaints and ticket support problems. In that case, you should focus on significantly expanding your customer touch-points and potentially changing how you engage your customers.

If you're running complex AI chat solutions at scale or pre-scripted customer self-support workflows, double-check to see if your customer is as happy to use them as you are to deploy them. Customers often give out clear signals when they are not delighted with automated processes' by simply refusing to use them.

In short, your customer signals must remain coherent along your entire customer touch points. Your touch points need to reach all your customer's requests or where you are generating engagement.

Have a great weekend!

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