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Quality Policy

WHALE SA's mission is to produce and sell the ClientScape platform, which allows companies to maximize data analysis and communication with their clients' market.

Therefore, WHALE SA's commitment is to develop and provide an information that respond to expectations, satisfaction and retain customers, complying with the agreed requirements.


In order to implement this policy, the Administration commits to:


1 - Systematically monitor the results of the management system to act against the objectives

identified within the defined strategy;


2 - Communicate quality objectives and results internally;


3 - Ensure that this Quality Policy is followed, understood and is the driving force behind the entire



4 - Provide the necessary training to its employees to increase their skills;


5 - Continuously identify the needs of the global market, assessing WHALE SA's capacity in their



6 - Perform daily activities with commitment and professionalism, with a view to a philosophy of

continuous improvement,


7 - Using technologies that enhance productivity whose performance contributes to an environmental reduced impact,


8 - Satisfy the fulfillment of legal and statutory requirements, and others that WHALE SA´s subscribes to.


In order to comply with its quality policy, WHALE SA communicates and disseminates this quality policy to all company employees and makes it available to all relevant stakeholders.

Covilhã, April 5th, 2021

The Management

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