We truly connect the dots

Clientscape is the ultimate Social Customer Care platform that delivers true ROI

Brief Overview

These are just some of Clientscape’s capabilities


Ensure the best customer care performance. Clientscape makes sure you are always relevant and allows you to engage your client base with overwhelming conversion rates.


You are in full control of your client-care pipeline. Clientscape lets you fine-tune every single aspect of automation, distribution, language rules, auto-tagging, user-access, and so much more…


How well are you doing? How satisfied are your customers? In order to out-perform yourself you need a clear view of your current stats. Clientscape delivers the deepest level of insights, dashboards and operational performance metrics.


Begin a client experience management revolution. Clientscape lets you build a coherent and practical customer identification funnel that is fuelled via social login. Manage and serve your clients over all of your brands digital touch-points (online & offline).


Social Interactions


Customers Served


Leads Identified


% Sales Increased


Clientscape is the first SaaS Social CRM built for Enterprise demand

Collect Historical Data

Clientscape lets you travel back in time and collect valuable historical data from your social networks

Unlimited Storage

Your operation grows, Clientscape grows with you. Scalable to support even the most insanely active social media brands

Private Cloud

Would you like to have your client profile data sitting right next to your competitor’s data? We didn’t think so when we built Clientscape.

100% Legally Compliant

Fully framework enforced user-privacy policy compliance. Compliant even with EU data protection laws.

Totally Auditable

Don’t miss a single heartbeat. Clientscape is totally auditable allowing your brand to pinpoint any possible bottleneck.

Keep your data safe

Full encrypted data, on a totally autonomous physical machine with its own dedicated SSL and encryption keys. Yes, we take safety seriously.



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