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If you find Sprinklr to be sluggish

You’re going to be blown away by the ease of use and blazing speed of Clientscape

Universal Inbox

Clientscape's Universal Inbox revolutionizes customer interaction management by consolidating communications from all channels into one unified platform. This streamlines processes, bolsters efficiency, and eliminates the need for juggling between numerous platforms. The visibility of each customer's journey across all channels facilitates personalized responses and an improved customer experience. A collaborative environment is fostered, empowering teams to work together on the platform for swift query resolutions. The Universal Inbox's scalable design adapts to growing business needs and ensures the handling of increased customer interactions without compromising service quality. Moreover, with real-time response capabilities and stringent data security measures like two-factor authentication, Clientscape's Universal Inbox strengthens customer satisfaction and trust while enhancing team productivity.


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Precise Routing and Distribution

Clientscape's implementation of generative AI to discern the context of a customer interaction and route it to the best-suited agent offers substantial advantages. This AI-driven approach significantly enhances efficiency by ensuring that customer queries are attended to by the most competent agent available, boosting both first-contact resolution and customer satisfaction. It also allows for personalized customer-agent bonding, fostering long-term relationships and consistent service quality. In addition, this system reduces response time as it automatically bypasses the need for manual routing, leading to quicker problem-solving and improved customer experience. Ultimately, Clientscape's use of generative AI transforms the service workflow into a smart, highly-responsive, and customer-centric operation.

Unparalleled Realtime Collaboration

Clientscape's real-time collaboration environment offers profound advantages by facilitating both customer engagement and internal communications. The workflow's unified platform ensures that all members of an organization - as well as external partners, like providers and third-party associates - can collaborate efficiently and effectively. This integrated approach eliminates communication silos, promoting seamless cooperation, information sharing, and problem-solving. It dramatically enhances turnaround times for customer queries by enabling instantaneous discussions and consensus-building, leading to quicker, more comprehensive solutions. It also fosters accountability and transparency throughout the customer journey by tracking all interactions and ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Consequently, Clientscape's real-time collaboration environment cultivates a highly responsive, accountable, and interconnected operation that benefits both the organization and its customers.


Better and Safer Deployment, Anywhere

Clientscape, as a SaaS solution with single-instance architecture and on-premise configuration options, significantly transforms data security and compliance adherence. This flexible setup offers robust control over data management, ensuring utmost data security. Whether it's choosing the cloud provider of your preference or opting for an on-premise deployment, Clientscape allows you to have the architecture best suited for your requirements. This guarantees data integrity while ensuring consistent performance. Moreover, this architecture, coupled with stringent data protection measures like two-factor authentication, makes Clientscape an excellent fit for heavily regulated industries that have stringent compliance requirements. By empowering organizations with control over their data, Clientscape brings a new level of trust and reliability to customer interactions. In essence, Clientscape revolutionizes data security and compliance, ensuring seamless customer interaction management in even the most regulated industries.

Be Safe & Build Trust

Clientscape's use of two-factor authentication (2FA) significantly enhances the safety and efficiency of servicing customers across multiple channels. In terms of security, 2FA adds an extra layer of protection by requiring two types of identification. This ensures that only authorized individuals have access to customer data and interactions, reducing the risk of security breaches and data misuse. On the efficiency front, 2FA helps streamline customer verification processes. When interacting over multiple channels, customers often need to confirm their identity for security purposes. 2FA makes this process quicker and more reliable, as the second factor of authentication can confirm the customer's identity without requiring them to provide extensive details. Moreover, 2FA can help build customer trust. As consumers become more aware of data security issues, businesses that demonstrate robust security practices can differentiate themselves. By using 2FA, Clientscape shows customers that their security is taken seriously, which can improve customer relationships and loyalty.


Super Fast & Infinitely Scalable

Built for speed and primed for growth, Clientscape's architecture redefines what a high-performance customer interaction platform can achieve. Its lightning-fast processing, under 300 milliseconds for any functionality, ensures a fluid, frictionless user experience, vital for efficient workflows and customer satisfaction. This performance doesn't wane with scale; its single-instance setup and flexible design readily adapt to growing businesses and increased customer interactions. As such, Clientscape grows seamlessly with your organization, always delivering top-tier performance regardless of interaction volume. Moreover, the stringent two-factor authentication bolsters data security, crucial in today's digital age, making it a safe, reliable choice for businesses across industries. Exceptional in its speed, scalability, and security, Clientscape stands out as a revolutionary solution for customer interaction management.

Direct API Connectivity & Beyond

Clientscape seeks to provide streamlined and secure customer interactions through direct API connectivity with all integrated platforms, setting aside the use of third-party providers or brokers. This strategy is designed to foster a seamless flow of data and minimize potential bottlenecks, with the intent of enhancing system responsiveness. On the security front, the elimination of intermediaries in data transfer aims to safeguard data as it moves directly from each platform into Clientscape and back. This direct approach to API connectivity is one of the ways in which Clientscape endeavours to remain a dependable choice for managing customer interactions, while always working to ensure the utmost efficiency and security.

We can integrate with any specific channel your operations may require, upholding our promise of a truly Universal Inbox.


Two-way CRM Integration

Clientscape takes a comprehensive approach to customer interactions by integrating seamlessly with all major CRM providers. This strategic integration aims to provide a more holistic view of each customer by unifying data from multiple sources. The bidirectional connection with CRM systems allows Clientscape to gather and provide, in real-time, vital information about customers' history, preferences, and previous interactions. This facilitates a deeper understanding of customer needs and behaviours, allowing for more personalized and effective interactions. The integration also ensures that all customer touchpoints, whether on social media channels, email, or direct messages, are consolidated and delivered to wherever they yield the most value. This unified view empowers organizations to streamline their customer management processes and deliver more effective, data-driven customer experiences.

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