One of Clientscape’s greatest features consists in its capability to merge data form multiple data sources. The process of decision making isn’t about having mounds of data, but just the right amount of data at the right time. This is Clientscape’s core principal and one of its most distinctive features.

Merge with data collected via Facebook Applications

Clientscape can connect with Facebook Applications to obtain rich profile data

At Clientscape we have devised a unique way to interoperate with what each and every social media network can bring in order to improve CXM (customer experience management).


This not only drives the best of breed qualification process, but it allows a brand to create a fully conscious customer digital footprint eco-system.


If you’re curious as to what this means, please get in touch.


View customer specific CRM snapshots

Keep your CRM data away from harm.  Keep it where it belongs but harness its power

Two major concerns exist when it comes to merging CRM with Social data or vice-versa, depending in which department you sit. Will you trust to have your CRM data freely flowing into a cloud based SaaS? How do you scale your CRM to support and endure the apparently infinite and dynamic amount of data spewing of social media?


By talking to multiple brands, and their different department directors we have been able to create a comfortable equilibrium, where all have their needs catered for without sacrificing any existential concern.


Ask us how.

You can audit your customers web analytics in real-time

Via a proprietary technique, Clientscape is capable of driving reverse user discriminated web analytics

Reverse discriminated what??  Well simply put: through a specific opt-in process Clientscape can audit what each and every single customer, or potential customer, is viewing or visiting over any of your brands digital presences.


This allows to have highly valuable insights, since the visitors you will now have, are perfectly identified within the Clientscape eco-system. This allows for 3 major technical advantages:


1 – Your web presences can now cater to tailor made oriented suggestions or positioning based on a per client visit. Improve customer retention and conversion.


2 – User browsing history, under your brands digital presences is stored for each user. You know can know what and when they have viewed any specific content.


3 – All data can be served back into Clientscape to make it available to an operator, when he/she are trying to fulfil a customer’s needs.