How well are you doing? How satisfied are your customers? In order to out-perform yourself you need a clear view of your current stats. Clientscape delivers the deepest level of insights, dashboards and operational performance metrics.

A place for all of your insights

Neatly stored away, Clientscape gives access to a huge library of insights

From social media performance, to operational stats, to platform performance and customer demand, Clientscape allows you to view all of your data in a graphical format.


A graph tells a better story, and ours are real-time.


Clientscape lets you create Reportiing templates that you can produce on the fly, or have them pre-processed and delivered automatically via e-mail. Oh, and yes! Our graphs are vectored graphs, if you choose to use them in your presentations, they will always look awesome. And you can even have them branded to your desire.


Data lives, so should graphs

Our graphs let you play around with the data and the time-sample

If we are able to see variations over time, we are much more capable in determining a trend or a specific behaviour. We put our best effort in bringing our graph suite to live by letting you dynamically parse each and any desired sample to obtain a time-specific sub-sample.


We keep this practical, with a differential report approach. Views yields, growths, average-sums or other statistical patterns within your data. And you don’t have to know “squat” about maths, we took care of that for you…

Real user interactions

Clientscape samples real user interactions

We won’t just show you Facebook insights or Twitter insights, why should we when we have a much richer data collection of real user performed interactions.


See the true activity within your channels, track behavioural changes, parse specific actions. Clientscape delivers disruptive new insights that might change the way your media performs.


Operational stats

Keep track of your customers, but also keep track of your operators performance

When Clientscape is used in a multi-seat configuration it is possible to have individualized operator stats, letting you best manage your operational team and to promote best practices. Clientscape can be fine-tuned to ensure that all operators are performing at their best. As a Social Contact Center floor manager, Clientscape is the Command Center you have been dreaming of.

View how your media is performing

Boost media performance, boost relevance and engagement

Clientscape will help you make the optimal media decisions based on prior success rates and time correlated map plots. Perform with the accuracy of a brain surgeon, target your media to perform like a heat-seeking missile. Never miss your shot again!!!


Wait until you see what we have in store when it comes to publishing automation.