If your mission is to improve your overall performance, then of course you want to be in control. With Clientscape with have put all feature configurations, distribution rules, and automation yummies ate your fingertips.

Manage your user profile

The profile form lets you change aspects of your individual Clientscape account

Change your password, your time-zone, the language with which you want to work with Clientscape and extended parameters.


If you work for a large brand, that serves their customers 24/7 you will want each operator to fit into Clientscape as a glove regardless of which country he/she might be operating from.


Template Library

Do you recall that Clientscape helps expedite answering customers via the use of a handy template library that appears on demand?

Template answers can be inserted, imported and exported via Clientscape’s template library editor. Templates answers help make sure your brand voice always fall within protocol.


Each operator can have his/hers own library in order to have a bulk of answers with their personal touch, while always having available Brand Approved template answers.


Template answers can be configured into a multi-lingual or category inventory.

Manage Profile Tags

Clientscape’s tagging feature allows you to build a boundless qualification universe

Tags can be attributed to customers depending on profiling moments that arise from serving a customer, or form analysing his/her historical behaviour. The power of tagging is unprecedented.


Clientscape lets you manage your tag universe, by allowing editing, deleting, creating, categorizing and establishing hierarchy attributes to all tags.


Manage Users

Clientscape’s allows for multiple user profiles to be created

With Clientscape, you have full control of which users access which resources. Users do not need to have direct Facebook or Twitter account access.


Clientscape creates a security tier, where all operators work behind Clientscape which in turn actuates directly over the social media networks via Admin privileges. So adding and removing users is very easy, as is changing their profile rights and resource access.

Workflow Recipients

Manage a full network of collaborators by binding them with Clientscape’s Workflow functionality

Workflows can be prompted by an operator in order to request external help with a customer’s issue.  Workflow recipients, their departments and their names can all be configured via this management module.