We designed our social media engagement features to make life easier for community managers. Equipped with tools for moderation and to leave notes and assign tasks, social media teams can finally focus on what they do best: talking with customers. With the proper workflows in place, even across departments, employees can spend less time planning and more time participating.

Clientscape sorts all your work

Our pipeline lets you do more and focus on what is truly necessary

Clientscape was built from the ground-up to support multi-seat operation.


Every item your clients place on your brands Facebook page or Twitter account, instantly appear in your pipeline.


All items are treated as tickets that need to be processed. Solve tickets with a simple click or answer them.


Always rest assured that you don’t miss a single item. Clientscape keeps you worried-free so that you can focus on what you do best.


Efficiency delivered

Over 68% of Brand answers to customers are similar

Clientscape has an incorporated template answer library. You can quickly search for the desired answer or have Clientscape suggest the best fits. Not only can you answer your customers faster, Clientscape will keep track of the most used answers generating real-time trend reports.


Clientscape also makes sure you don’t seem like a machine or answering-bot. If a certain customer has received answer X in the past 3 weeks, Clientscape will warn you, so that you can perform a few retouches before publishing. Keep clients happy, keep the relevance and affinity with your brand high.

Intelligent Collaboration

Clientscape’s inbuilt item distribution system allows your teams to scale

Clientscape has the unique ability to tie each customer to the most eligible operator based on contextual history. Items can also be routed based on language rules, keywords, client scores, etc…


Should you wish to assign an item to one of your co-operators, simply click assign, choose the available operator, and define a priority level. Clientscape will make sure your item is immediately dispatched to your colleague. No item ever goes without being answered.


Client History

How can you build a relationship without prior customer knowledge

Clientscape automates data collection in a client-centric manner. All client specific items and brand answers to each client are kept in historical order.


You can quickly look over each client history, prior to answering juts to make sure that you are getting back to him with valuable help. Never ask a client to remind you of his/her issue. It’s just a click away.

Profiling your customers

Clientscape makes profiling client importance and satisfaction a snap

Is your client complaining about your brand or specific product? Make sure what his previous state of mind was before you jump in with an answer.


Clientscape not only help keep track of customer sentiment, but it hold its change over time. Allowing you to plot satisfaction fluctuations on a per-client basis or across your whole audience or cluster of clients.


We helped speed up answering your clients, leaving you with spare time to profile. Create really valuable customer insights.


Teamwork = crib notes

Well not entirely but we made sure you could leave a handy note

Help your colleagues manage or collaborate in handling a specific customer request. Tiny and practical notes can be left under each customer profile to make sure someone gets that job done. For example:  Customer B has complained she doesn’t enjoy our complimentary salad. Well… let’s stop offering a salad and offer our complimentary ice-cream cone. Another happy customer!

Realtime messsage threads

Customers tend to use social media messages more as chat then as e-mail

Clientscape lets you keep that conversation open, with all items falling in real-time. If your customer wants to chat, we let you chat back. In fact, our data shows that customer handling over chat emphasizes brand affinity and increases customer satisfaction.


Clientscape even includes the ability to exchange digital documents via attachments.


Multiple operation over multiple items

Our job is to make your job easier

Clientscape lets your perform one or more operation over multiple items. You can answer multiple clients, via different items, with the same answer in a single operation. Clientscape will make sure to individualize every message, register each message to each customer history while also clearing a bigger load of your pipeline. Let Clientscape do the work for you.

Search and Filter your Pipeline

Keep focused, keep sharp: use our filters!

Clientscape lets you filter through all your pipeline content in order to find that exact item or items you need. Search couldn’t be easier, simply click and filter by desired variables, and your pipeline will change to show you exactly what you are looking for.


Everyone needs a helping hand

Clientscape provides a workflow driven approach to get everyone to help

You are a community manager. Your client has just asked a very technical question about brand new product the brands has just recently launched. You don’t know the answer…


Clientscape brings a fully automated, script driven help request feature we call workflow. Why do we call it workflow? Because it makes answering a customer a collaborative task, involving personnel within your department, from other departments or even form external companies. We keep the loop tight, so you don’t let it snap!