The Universal Inbox


Clientscape was created with one aim; to help companies enhance their online customer experience. In order to do this, we understand that its important for firms to know how their customers feel about their brand and its products and services. 

Our Universal inbox

With Clientscape view all your customer's messages, online interactions, posts, and comments in ONE Universal Inbox as they happen.


Whether the interactions happen through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, or any other social media site, your team will receive everything in real time. Through live chat support, you will be able to assist your customers while they shop online.

Clientscape is to customer support what Google maps is to millennials, we make the process faster, easier, and more efficient.

Clientscape is the needle to your customer behavior compass.

Clientscape presents all the insights you need in a visually attractive and interpretable manner. Gain valuable insights on how your customers are responding to your products online, their complaints, their reviews, and how satisfied they are with your customer support.

More features

Know Your Customer

Know who is speaking to you and their history with your brand. Understand how the customer interacted if your brand previously, their purchase history and personal preferences.

Personalize your customer service

Tailor your online support based on the needs of your consumers after understanding their history with your brand. If they are first-timers then increase the chances of them returning!

Sentiment Analyses

Offer them things you know they need, but haven't realised yet! 

Show that you genuinely care about them and are actually listening to their needs.


Reach out within your organization or externally to any partner and/or supplier to assist you on a customer case. And no, they do not require a Clientscape license!


Through our cross authentication feature, you can link the different social media accounts of your customers and understand how how they interact with you through the different platforms.


We ensure that each operator is solving issues they are most familiar with. No operator will ever tread on another operators’ case and your customers will never receive conflicting answers from different agents.


Understanding your team and individual employees is just as important as understanding your customers! Gain insights on the performance of your team and how satisfied your customers are with them!


Below are the major CRMs that we can integrate Clientscape with or any other types you may be using.  

Microsoft Dynamics


All others